Gas Diffusion Layers

A main component of platinum-based MEAs, gas diffusion layers are typically thin carbon paper or woven carbon materials placed between the catalyst layer and bipolar plates. GDLs help manage reactant and cooling flows while also collecting current.


1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd, Raleigh, NC, United States

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Inorganic Specialists, Inc.

965 Capstone Dr., Miamisburg, OH, 45343

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ZTEK Corporation

300 West Cummings Park, Woburn, MA, United States

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Trenergi Corporation

101 Constitution Blvd, Franklin, MA, United States

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Toray Carbon Fibers America, Inc.

700 Parker Square Road, Flower Mound, TX, United States

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Siemens Power Generation, Inc.

501 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

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National Coating Corporation

105 Industrial Way, Rockland, MA, United States

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Mott Corporation

84 Spring Lane, Farmington, CT, United States

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Hosokawa Nano Particle Technology

10 Chatham Road, Summit, NJ, United States

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Hitachi Metals America, Ltd.

85 W Algonquin Rd, Arlington Heights, IL, United States

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825 Chesapeake Drive, Cambridge, MD, United States

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Gerard Daniel Worldwide

34 Barnhart Drive, Hanover, PA, United States

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ElectroChem, Inc.

400 West Cummings Park, Woburn, MA, United States

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1007 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, United States

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AvCarb Material Solutions

10 Draper St, Woburn, MA, United States

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3M Fuel Cell Components

6744 33rd Street North, Oakdale, MN, United States

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American Fuel Cell Rochester, NY
American Fuel Cell is developing novel fuel cell technologies in Rochester, NY. Our team is led by Daniel O’Connell and David Wetter, who both have over 30 years of experience in the Automotive/Fuel Cell industry. We plan to take advantage of the exceptional opportunity fuel cells provide to generate clean, efficient electricity, zero emissions, high power density, fast refill times, and many other benefits for multiple applications. AFC's unique chemical formulations, system level optimization experience, exceptional process know-how, and access to high speed - thin film - manufacturing equipment will allow us to produce a high quality - low cost Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) for multiple fuel cell applications.
UPDATED: August 16, 2017

AvCarb Material Solution’s Gas Diffusion Systems combine proprietary carbon fiber paper, a PTFE treatment, and micro-porous layer coating, each designed for the rigorous demands of specific fuel cell applications such as PEMFC, DMFC, and PAFC. AvCarb carbon fabrics and AvCarb Molded Graphite Laminates treated with PTFE and micro-porous layers for fuel cell applications are also available.
UPDATED: January 31, 2017

The mission of Vehicle Projects Inc (also known as the FuelCell Propulsion Institute) is to serve heavy industry and transport by developing turnkey prototype fuel cell vehicles that address societal problems such as environmental quality, time and energy efficiency, and energy security.
UPDATED: January 26, 2017

Gerard Daniel's electro-chemical meshes are used in fuel cells, batteries, and electrolyzers. Uses for the mesh include membrane or electrode substrates, current collectors, flow field screens, and gas diffusion electrodes. We offer our exclusive ColdBond™ product, which provides performance benefits to the electro-chemical industry that other woven and non-woven products can not offer. With our proprietary ColdBond™ process, wire cloth can be metallurgically bonded so that the wires are welded at their crossover points. This fusing enhances mesh rigidity, improves conductivity and eliminates wire fraying. These properties give woven wire cloth superior processing characteristics in tracking, mechanical strength, and eliminate dangerous sharp edges for handling that are common with expanded and perforated metals. Wire cloth thickness can be precisely controlled to provide very thin material that is ideal for electrodes.
UPDATED: January 31, 2017

GKD USA, Inc. Cambridge, MD
GKD-USA, Inc. manufactures woven mesh products for the filtration industry, process conveyor belting for the food industry, and decorative and functional applications with metal fabrics for architecture. It offers woven wire meshes with application in precoat filtration, sieving, solid liquid filtration, sand control screens, distillation, hot gas filtration, sterling engine, polymer industry, ink jet, batteries, EMI shielding, acoustics, wind tunnel, lightning strike protection, and fuel cells.
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UPDATED: October 10, 2016

GrafTech International Independence, OH
Advanced Energy Technology, Inc. (AET), a subsidiary of GrafTech International, provides GRAFCELL® flow field plate and gas diffusion layer fuel cell components manufactured from expanded natural graphite.
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UPDATED: October 10, 2016

Hamilton Precision Metals, a subsidiary of Ametek, produces metal strip, foil, and ultra-thin foil, precision rolled to exacting customer-driven specifications in thicknesses ranging from 0.060” to 0.000060”. Alloys include Titanium, MP35N, Stainless, Nickel, Nickel-Base Superalloys, Be-Ni, Havar, and L-605.
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UPDATED: October 10, 2016

i-2-m Raleigh, NC
i-2-m is a spinoff of MANN+HUMMEL, a worldwide leader in filtration.
We offer an advanced ion exchange filter designed for fuel cell and high value applications.
We manufacture our product in Raleigh, North Carolina.
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UPDATED: August 16, 2017

Inorganic Specialists, Inc. Miamisburg, OH
Inorganic Specialists produces binderless papers made of carbon nanofibers from Applied Sciences, Inc.

This thin, porous, flexible form of multi-wall nanotubes is a practical and user-friendly substrate, known to have uses in composites, energy, shielding, and as a catalyst host.
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UPDATED: May 15, 2017

MEGTEC Systems Inc. De Pere, WI
B&W MEGTEC is a leading global supplier of environmental control technologies and engineered products tailored to meet customers' manufacturing process requirements. Our equipment solutions oxidize, filter, recover and/or purify vapor-phase and liquid effluents from a variety of manufacturing processes. Key environmental technologies include oxidizers, fabric filters, wet and dry electrostatic precipitators, solvent recovery systems, scrubbers, selective catalytic and selective non-catalytic reduction (SCR/SNCR) products, and distillation equipment.

We also supply industrial dryers and ovens for roll-to-roll and web forming applications such as graphics printing, nonwoven fabrics, membranes, and optical films; specialized coating lines for lithium-ion battery electrodes; and material handling systems for graphics printing. We offer stand-alone components, integrated line solutions, and/or process optimization services.
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UPDATED: May 2, 2017

National Coating Corporation (NCC) provides carbon fabric used in fuel cells and other automotive applications. National Coating Corporation is a one-stop facility for any client in need of custom coating or saturating services.
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UPDATED: February 2, 2017

Refrac Systems Chandler, AZ
Refrac Systems specializes in conducting planar diffusion bonding for production and development hardware of a wide variety of parts, including many types of fuel cell structures and fuel delivery/conditioning systems.
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UPDATED: October 10, 2016

ZTEK Corporation Woburn, MA
ZTEK is known for its pioneering activities in the field of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) system development. Since 1994, ZTEK has successfully demonstrated a 1kW fuel cell stack, logging 16,000 hours of operation while meeting (and exceeding) its initial performance expectations. A 25kW system with multiple fuel cell stacks and natural gas internal reforming has been developed and is currently in operation, demonstrating reliability of balance-of-plant reforming components. This 25kW system provides the technology basis for ZTEK's commercial-sized systems. A 200kW SOFC/Gas Turbine system is currently under construction.
UPDATED: May 16, 2017