Premium Listings and Advertising

The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Nexus is a directory of over 250 suppliers in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. It depends on the support of interested parties such as yourself to keep alive and do its job. Please consider supporting HFC Nexus with a paid premium listing or advertisement.

Premium Listings

Boost your company listing to the top of the category page, above the basic alphabetical list. Premium listings are sorted in a first come, first served order

Listing Details

  • Premium listings are sorted in a first come, first served order, so act fast!
  • Premium listings use the content from your regular listing, so be sure that’s up to date.
  • Listings can be changed anytime by logging in to your Nexus account.


Your ad will be highly visible as a Header ad which displays at the top of all pages, or a Category ad which displays in any category(s) of your choice.

Advertisement Details

  • Design the ads the way you like, or hire us to do it for you.
  • Option to provide ads formatted specific to desktop, tablet and mobile viewers.
  • We accept JPGs, PNGs, GIFs and animated GIFs.

For information, please call Alleyn Harned at Virginia Clean Cities, 540-568-8896, or email