> Chemours

Company Type: Developer, Sales/Marketing, Supplier
Description: Chemours Fuel Cells is a supplier of Nafion® membrane, dispersions and MEA components for direct methanol, hydrogen, and reformed hydrogen systems.

Products: Electrodes, Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA), MEA–Membranes, MEA–Dispersions, MEA–Gaskets, MEA–Gas Diffusion Layers, MEA–Plates
Compatible with: Direct Methanol Fuel Cell, Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell

1007 Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19899
United States

In Business Since: 2015
# of US Employees: 501-1000
Name Change/Merger: DuPont
•Introduced enhanced durable Nafion® membrane with 7x improvement in accelerated lifetime tests.
•Introduced DuPont Gen IV DMFC MEA technology with improved overall power performance and increased run-times with lower catalyst loading.

Last updated: October 10, 2016