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Company Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
Description: Gerard Daniel's electro-chemical meshes are used in fuel cells, batteries, and electrolyzers. Uses for the mesh include membrane or electrode substrates, current collectors, flow field screens, and gas diffusion electrodes. We offer our exclusive ColdBond™ product, which provides performance benefits to the electro-chemical industry that other woven and non-woven products can not offer. With our proprietary ColdBond™ process, wire cloth can be metallurgically bonded so that the wires are welded at their crossover points. This fusing enhances mesh rigidity, improves conductivity and eliminates wire fraying. These properties give woven wire cloth superior processing characteristics in tracking, mechanical strength, and eliminate dangerous sharp edges for handling that are common with expanded and perforated metals. Wire cloth thickness can be precisely controlled to provide very thin material that is ideal for electrodes.

Products: Electrodes, Electrolyzer, MEA–Membranes, MEA–Gas Diffusion Layers
Compatible with: Alkaline Fuel Cell, Direct Methanol Fuel Cell, Metal/Air Fuel Cell, Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell, Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell, Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell, Regenerative Fuel Cell, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Kay Devlin
Vice President

34 Barnhart Drive
Hanover, PA 17331
United States

In Business Since: 1951
# of US Employees: 100-500

Last updated: June 16, 2022