A shaped piece or ring of rubber or other material sealing the junction between two surfaces in an engine or other device.

Rel-Tek Corporation

4185 Old William Penn Highway, Monroeville, PA, United States

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ZTEK Corporation

300 West Cummings Park, Woburn, MA, United States

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Trenergi Corporation

101 Constitution Blvd, Franklin, MA, United States

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Toray Carbon Fibers America, Inc.

700 Parker Square Road, Flower Mound, TX, United States

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Siemens Power Generation, Inc.

501 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

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Mott Corporation

84 Spring Lane, Farmington, CT, United States

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Hosokawa Nano Particle Technology

10 Chatham Road, Summit, NJ, United States

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Freudenberg Group

47690 East Anchor Court, Plymouth, MI, United States

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Freeman Schwabe Machinery

4064 Clough Woods Drive, Batavia, OH, United States

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1400 North Providence Road, Media, PA, United States

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Energy Related Devices

127 Eastgate Drive, Los Alamos, NM, United States

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ElectroChem, Inc.

400 West Cummings Park, Woburn, MA, United States

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1007 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, United States

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Circle Seal Control Division - Circor International

2301 Wardlow Road, Corona, CA, United States

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Branson Ultrasonics Corp.

41 Eagle Road, Danbury, CT, United States

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3M Fuel Cell Components

6744 33rd Street North, Oakdale, MN, United States

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American Fuel Cell Rochester, NY
American Fuel Cell is developing novel fuel cell technologies in Rochester, NY. Our team is led by Daniel O’Connell and David Wetter, who both have over 30 years of experience in the Automotive/Fuel Cell industry. We plan to take advantage of the exceptional opportunity fuel cells provide to generate clean, efficient electricity, zero emissions, high power density, fast refill times, and many other benefits for multiple applications. AFC's unique chemical formulations, system level optimization experience, exceptional process know-how, and access to high speed - thin film - manufacturing equipment will allow us to produce a high quality - low cost Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) for multiple fuel cell applications.
UPDATED: August 16, 2017

Circle Seal Controls specializes in providing solutions to critical valve applications. Circle Seal Controls is a leading supplier of leak tight check valves, relief valves, thermally activated pressure relief devices, as well as regulators and solenoids.
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UPDATED: January 25, 2017

COGEBI, Inc. Dover, New Hampshire
COGEBI Group is a manufacturer of high temperature and high dielectric strength mica insulating materials. Uses in SOFC and MCFC fuel cells range from stack insulation to insulating wires and cables, and beyond.
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UPDATED: January 26, 2017

Freeman Schwabe Machinery Cincinnati, OH
Freeman Schwabe is a global OEM of the highest quality Hydraulic Die Cutting Presses / Cutting Systems and Manufacturing Software, including the world-renowned brand of SCHWABE USA presses built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
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UPDATED: January 27, 2017

Freudenberg Group Plymouth, MI
Freudenberg, NOK and FNST offer world wide market leadership in sealing technologies, technical nonwovens and filtration products. Freudenberg effectively combines expertise in the above-mentioned fields to power fuel cell development and production at any scale.
Our competitive advantages such as innovation in materials, process technologies, product design and testing ensure we can meet your needs in the ever-changing market place.
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UPDATED: January 19, 2017

The mission of Vehicle Projects Inc (also known as the FuelCell Propulsion Institute) is to serve heavy industry and transport by developing turnkey prototype fuel cell vehicles that address societal problems such as environmental quality, time and energy efficiency, and energy security.
UPDATED: January 26, 2017

FXI Media, PA
Foamex International produces specialty, tunable wicking materials for use in water and fuel management in DMFC and PEM fuel cell applications.
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UPDATED: January 31, 2017

Rel-Tek Corporation Monroeville, PA
Rel-Tek manufactures a complete line of gas monitoring and control systems, including PC-based data logging and telemetry software and a full complement of field I/O hardware. Sensors include carbon monoxide and other toxics, methane and all combustibles, oxygen(% and PPM), carbon dioxide, NO2, SO2, H2S, smoke, temp, pressure, RH and air velocity. We supply complete systems -- not just bits and pieces -- ideal for both large and small monitoring and control situations. Our world-class Millennia-DX PC-based SCADA software provides a dependable, easy to use HMI utility that is powerful, yet economical. Our clients include underground mines, tunnels, factories, water treatment, office buildings, municipal bus garages and other hazardous sites. Rel-Tek is a major supplier to alternative-fueled vehicle maintenance operations (CNG, LNG and LPG). Over 100 approval actions cover this equipment for use in classified areas.
UPDATED: August 16, 2017

ZTEK Corporation Woburn, MA
ZTEK is known for its pioneering activities in the field of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) system development. Since 1994, ZTEK has successfully demonstrated a 1kW fuel cell stack, logging 16,000 hours of operation while meeting (and exceeding) its initial performance expectations. A 25kW system with multiple fuel cell stacks and natural gas internal reforming has been developed and is currently in operation, demonstrating reliability of balance-of-plant reforming components. This 25kW system provides the technology basis for ZTEK's commercial-sized systems. A 200kW SOFC/Gas Turbine system is currently under construction.
UPDATED: May 16, 2017