> AFC (Advanced Fuel Components) Inc.

Company Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
Description: We manufacture state-of-the-art Performance Engineered AFC Solenoid Valves and Filters for a multitude of industrial, commercial and vehicles applications. Fuel, gas, air, water - we handle it all, and still proudly claim our filters and electronically controlled solenoid valves last a very long time.

Products: Sensors
Compatible with: Alkaline Fuel Cell, Direct Methanol Fuel Cell, Metal/Air Fuel Cell, Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell, Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell, Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell, Regenerative Fuel Cell, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

300 Wooley Drive
Marshall, MI 49068
United States

# of US Employees: 1-5

Last updated: October 11, 2021

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