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Company Type: Integrator-Fuel Cell
Description: Protonex Technology Corporation develops and manufactures the smallest, lightest and highest performing fuel cell systems for portable power applications in the 10 to 500 watt range. The Company is meeting the needs of OEM customers for off-grid applications underserved by existing technologies by providing customizable, stand-alone portable power solutions and systems that may be hybridized with existing power technologies. The Company is based in Southborough, Massachusetts, and has established partnerships with Northrop Grumman Corporation, Parker Hannifin Corporation and Millennium Cell Inc. to jointly develop advanced power solutions.

Products: Other
Other Product: Fuel Cell Integrator
Compatible with: Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Paul Osenar
(508) 490-9960

153 Northboro Road
Southborough, MA 01772
United States
(508) 490-9960

In Business Since: 2000
# of US Employees: 100-500

Last updated: May 16, 2017