> MetaMateria Partners, LLC

Company Type: Supplier
Description: MetaMateria Partners (MMP) uses novel methods for making nano-materials and consolidation techniques and tailoring these to the specific needs of MetaMateria industrial clients or the market. The focus is on application to components, devices and engineered systems to obtain improved product performance or lower cost. MetaMateria Partners also manufacture limited quantities of high quality powders, ceramic filters and ceramic/composite products. MMP works closely with universities and industry to select and apply new technology. The emphasis is on: manufacturing and application of nano-materials, development of lower cost manufacturing processes, development of novel fabrication technologies, and preparation of composite, ceramic and catalytic materials.

Products: Catalyst
Compatible with: None

J. Richard Schorr
(614) 340-1690

870 Kaderly Drive
Columbus, OH 43228
United States

In Business Since: 2002
# of US Employees: 21-50

Last updated: May 16, 2017