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Company Type: Supplier
Compression is our only business. This single focus has allowed us to grow from a small manufacturer to the world's leading producer in less than 40 years. Ariel manufactures compressors ranging in size from 50 to 9,000 horsepower (mean size
is 1500 horsepower) with discharge pressures up to 8000 psi (550 bar). We provide a wide range of compressor frames, the best warranty in the business and replacement parts routinely shipped within 48 hours.
Ariel's large production volume allows the engineering of predesigned component options. These components are configured by Ariel application engineers to provide our customers with compressors designed to meet their unique requirements.

Products: Compressor/Expander
Compatible with: None

Kelly Doup
Regional Manager
(740) 397-0311

35 Blackjack Road
Mt. Vernon, OH 43050
United States
(740) 397-0311

In Business Since: 1966
# of US Employees: 1000+

Last updated: May 15, 2017