California’s 2018 ZEV Action Plan Priorities Update Now Available

September 25, 2018

The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development has released its 2018 ZEV Action Plan Priorities Update. The plan updates the 2016 report, directing State of California departments to coordinate and implement specific actions that advance the uptake of electric vehicles. Earlier this year, Gov. Brown signed an executive order for 5 million electric vehicles on California roads by 2030.

Governor Brown’s Executive Order B-48-18 (signed January 26, 2018) reaffirms California’s commitment to zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) and sets a new goal of 5 million ZEVs on our roads by 2030, as well as infrastructure targets for PEV chargers and hydrogen fueling stations to support this substantial growth (additional information in Path to 2030). It also sets forth several directives to state agencies, including an update of the 2016 Zero-Emission Vehicle Action plan to help expand private investment in zero-emission vehicle infrastructure, particularly in low income and disadvantaged communities.

The 2018 update was finalized in September as an extension of the 2016 ZEV Action Plan. Stakeholders who download the 2018 Priorities Update will find the 2016 Plan included as a reminder that the 2016 Plan remains active. The majority of the 39 actions defined in the 2018 Update are new actions that have been identified as the ZEV market has developed over the past two years. The remaining 2018 actions are included to clarify and emphasize near-term priorities.

State agencies are working on, and in some cases have completed, the actions directed in the 2018 ZEV Action Plan Priorities Update. For more information on the current status of specific actions, please contact the GO-Biz ZEV Team.