Vessel Manufacturing

The manufacture and sale of pressure vessels for fuel cell and reformer systems.

Agility Fuel Solutions

3335 Susan Street, Costa Mesa, CA, United States

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Xperion Energy & Environment

1475 James Parkway, Heath, OH, United States

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Superior Energy Systems

13660 Station Road, Columbia Station, OH, United States

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FIBA Technologies, Inc.

1535 Grafton Road, Millbury, MA, United States

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Luxfer-GTM Technologies

490 Post Street, San Francisco, CA, United States

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Steelhead Composites

500 Corporate Circle, Golden, CO, United States

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4 Elmwood Ave, Cleveland, OH, United States

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Oasis Engineering Ltd

1145 Uniform Road, Griffin, GA, United States

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CP Industries Holdings, Inc

2214 Walnut Street, McKeesport, PA, United States

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WireTough Cylinders LLC

14570 Industrial Park Road, Bristol, VA, United States

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Optimum Composite Technologies LLC

1047 W 600 N, Brigham City, UT, United States

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Worthington Industries

200 West Old Wilson Bridge Road, Worthington, OH, United States

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ZTEK Corporation

300 West Cummings Park, Woburn, MA, United States

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Toray Carbon Fibers America, Inc.

700 Parker Square Road, Flower Mound, TX, United States

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Hexagon Lincoln Composites

5117 Northwest 40th Street, Lincoln, NE, United States

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Edison Welding Institute (EWI)

1250 Arthur E Adams Drive, Columbus, OH, United States

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Branson Ultrasonics Corp.

41 Eagle Road, Danbury, CT, United States

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AT&F Cleveland, OH
AT&F is a fabricator with experience in the fabrication of pressure vessels, shell and tube heat exchangers, cooler/condensers, reactors, columns and piping systems made of reactive metals, refractory metals, stainless steel and other high performance alloys. Our specialization is alloy welding: 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless, Nickel-based Alloys, C-276, Titanium, Zirconium and Tantalum. The equipment that we fabricate is used for heat transfer and liquid processes in power generation, industrial manufacturing, chemical blending power generation, industrial manufacturing and mining sectors. We have a staff experienced in engineering, design, fabrication and inspection of process equipment built with specialty metals and alloys. AT&F has been involved extensively manufacturing partnerships in the design, engineering, fabrication and assembly of fuel cell systems. Our expertise includes welding, machining and the installation of piping, valves, actuators, wiring, drive motors and controls. Our team is able to take your design from concept to full scale manufacturing though hands on project management.
UPDATED: May 17, 2017

COGEBI, Inc. Dover, New Hampshire
COGEBI Group is a manufacturer of high temperature and high dielectric strength mica insulating materials. Uses in SOFC and MCFC fuel cells range from stack insulation to insulating wires and cables, and beyond.
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UPDATED: January 26, 2017

Coldwater Machine Company is a leader in the design, build and integration of specialized equipment for discrete manufacturing with extensive precision-machining capability.
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UPDATED: October 10, 2016

Corning, Inc. Corning, NY
Corning Incorporated is a renowned global leader in translating materials science into products that significantly improve people's lives. Corning's ceramic substrates and filters have taken billions of tons of harmful pollutants out of vehicle exhaust over the past four decades, enabling longer and healthier lives for people all around the world.
UPDATED: January 26, 2017

CP Industries Holdings, Inc McKeesport, PA
Spanning more than 100 years, CP Industries has been the world leader in the manufacturing and production of large seamless pressure vessels. Common applications include. but are not limited to, NGV and Hydrogen Refueling Stations, transportation of CNG and Hydrogen and on-board cylinders for vehicles.

CP Industries serves both domestic and international markets including aerospace, chemical processing, construction, food production, industrial controls, medicine, nuclear power propulsion systems, oil and gas exploration, rescue equipment, transportation, undersea exploration and natural gas vehicles.

Our vessels are manufactured to a wide range of specifications and customer requirements including NGV-2, ASME, PED, DOT, TPED, Transport Canada, ISO/UN and military specifications for use throughout the world. For more information, we encourage you to view our website at
UPDATED: May 15, 2017

Die-Matic Corporation Brooklyn Heights, OH
Die-Matic Corporation offers precision metal stamping, specializing in long production runs, and deals heavily in the automotive, appliance/consumer goods and alternative energy.
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UPDATED: October 10, 2016

EWI is the leading engineering and technology organization in North America dedicated to developing, testing, and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies for industry. EWI specializes in the development and application of manufacturing processes utilizing state-of-the-art materials joining techniques.
UPDATED: January 31, 2017

FIBA Technologies, Inc. Millbury, MA
FIBA Technologies, Inc. manufactures a variety of gas containment equipment, including seamless pressure vessels and cryogenic equipment. Our ASME and DOT pressure vessels are designed for the storage and transport of high pressure gases and chemicals. Our equipment is regularly used for cng fueling stations, hydrogen fueling stations, and in the offshore oil and gas exploration business.
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UPDATED: August 16, 2017

Harrop Industries Columbus, OH
Harrop designs and constructs industrial kilns, dryers, burnout ovens, and tape casters for the fuel cell industry. Capability includes periodic and continuous units. They also offer pilot plant drying, firing, and tape casting capability.
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UPDATED: October 10, 2016

Hexagon Composites has developed high-pressure hydrogen cylinders for fuel cell vehicles. The fatigue-resistant cycling properties of composite pressure cylinders make them more suitable for storage than steel alternatives.
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UPDATED: January 30, 2017

Luxfer Gas Cylinders Riverside, CA
Luxfer’s G-Stor H2 (formerly Dynecell) products are the leading line of lightweight high-pressure hydrogen-storage cylinders used by a number of the world’s largest OEMs that design, develop and manufacture state-of-the-art compressed hydrogen-storage systems for fuel-cell and internal-combustion engines.
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UPDATED: August 17, 2017

Luxfer-GTM San Franscisco, CA
Luxfer-GTM Technologies is based in San Francisco and is a joint venture between Luxfer Gas Cylinders and GTM Technologies. As one of the first companies to offer composite cylinder gas transports in the USA and Asia, we have become a leader in the industry as one of the largest gas transport module manufactures in the world. Our purpose is to provide customized solutions for service industries, helping them store and transport gases in the safest, lightest and most reliable way.
UPDATED: August 16, 2017

Maysteel LLC Menomonee Falls, WI
Maysteel LLC supplies innovative enclosure solutions, including metal enclosures for fuel cells. Assembly and integration services are also available.
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UPDATED: January 26, 2017

Preco, Inc. Somerset, WI
Preco, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-speed and high-accuracy automated processing systems and one of the largest contact manufacturing service providers in North America for high speed and high accuracy cutting, perforating, welding, and other specialized processing.
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UPDATED: October 10, 2016

Premix, Inc. Conneaut, OH
Premix is the largest North American developer, formulator and manufacturer of thermoset compounds and manufacturer of thermoset molded parts. They serve a broad range of industries including electrical, appliance/HVAC, construction, industrial equipment, transportation, automotive, heavy truck, aerospace, and military.
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UPDATED: October 10, 2016

Safe Hydrogen LLC Lexington, MA
Safe Hydrogen believes that hydrogen is a clean, dependable energy carrier that can be produced by renewable energy. Their storage technology is low cost and can enable applications that more expensive technologies cannot. Chief among them is to convert intermittent renewable generation to base load and/or dispatchable generation.
UPDATED: October 10, 2016

Steelhead Composites Golden, CO
Steelhead Composites is a world class advanced pressure vessel manufacturing company, based in the heart of Golden Colorado (USA). Steelhead is dedicated to the manufacturing of lightweight composite vessels to be used for weight-sensitive energy and fuel storage applications. Our specialties include lightweight bladder accumulators, mobile CNG fuel storage and transport, gas bottles, aluminum liners and accessories.

We also offer a full array of technical services in vessel design, metal spin forming, filament winding, prototyping and testing of custom high pressure vessel products.
UPDATED: May 9, 2017

Superior Energy Systems Columbia Station, OH
Based in Northeast Ohio, Superior Energy Systems, Ltd. (SES) has been a leading supplier of propane products and services for more than 40 years. These are systems, products and services directly related to propane infrastructure.

As the industry’s propane engineers, we offer a turnkey service in supplying propane systems. With licensed engineers on staff, we have designed, engineered and built more bulk plants and trans-shipment terminals in the United States than any other company. Our designers and engineers have years of experience with NFPA 58 guidelines, as well as with other regulatory agencies throughout North America.

As a customer, you’re assured that all SES systems are engineered precisely to your requirements, and that all equipment is constructed of the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship. We always strive to deliver the safest, most reliable propane systems on the market.

With safety in mind, SES is dedicated to serving the need
UPDATED: August 16, 2017

WireTough Cylinders, LLC is a Virginia-based company that manufactures ASME certified low cost high pressure cylinders for hydrogen storage using its patented, proprietary wire-wrapped technology. WireTough uses a steel liner wrapped with multiple layers of extremely strong steel wire to produce tanks that are lighter and can hold higher pressure than solid steel Type I tanks and are more durable and less expensive than carbon fiber composite Type III and IV tanks. DOE selected WireTough in 2014 to develop low cost hydrogen storage at 875 bar (13,000 psi) and WireTough has successfully done so. WireTough has a range of hydrogen storage tanks with capacities of from 3.4 to 34 kg. WireTough's hydrogen storage products range from 2 to 9.5 meters in length and the pressures from 200 to 875 bar (3,000 to 13,000 psi) and offer greater cycle life than carbon fiber composites. WireTough's hydrogen ground storage tanks are attractively priced; contact the Company for a quote.
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UPDATED: May 16, 2017

Worthington Industries Columbus, OH
Worthington Industries is a leading global diversified metals manufacturing company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. As North America’s premier value-added steel processor, the company provides customers with wide-ranging capabilities, products and services for a variety of markets including hydrogen fuel tanks and bulk gas transport cylinders for various alternative fueling applications.

UPDATED: September 5, 2017

ZTEK Corporation Woburn, MA
ZTEK is known for its pioneering activities in the field of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) system development. Since 1994, ZTEK has successfully demonstrated a 1kW fuel cell stack, logging 16,000 hours of operation while meeting (and exceeding) its initial performance expectations. A 25kW system with multiple fuel cell stacks and natural gas internal reforming has been developed and is currently in operation, demonstrating reliability of balance-of-plant reforming components. This 25kW system provides the technology basis for ZTEK's commercial-sized systems. A 200kW SOFC/Gas Turbine system is currently under construction.
UPDATED: May 16, 2017