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H2 Generator

I am seeking: 1 - H2 Generator for Fuel Gas

Specifications: 260 Ml/min
Product Type Gas chromatography
Electrolytic cell Proton exchange membrane (PEM)
Hydrogen purity 99.9995%
Oxygen purity <0.01 ppm
Moisture purity <1 ppm
Delivery pressure 5 to 100 psig ±0.5 psig
Shpg wt 59 lb (27 kg) dry
Display LCD shows flow and pressure of unit when in use. Also will display any error messages that cause shutdown
Moisture adsorption Dessicant cartridge
Dimensions 17.12"H x 13.46"w x 17.95"D (43.38cm x 34.19cm x 45.6cm)
Flow rate 260 mL/min
Power 100/230 VAC
Outlet port 1/8" compression
Output Remote control and remote monitoring capable by adding USB options bay controller (not included)
Alarm low water, poor water, over pressure, excessive capacity
Power (Hz) 50/60

Fuel Cell Type: PEMFC, All
Categories: Compressor/Expander, MEAs, Reformer, Vessel Liner
Company: Virginia Clean Cities
Names:  Alleyn   Harned
My role is: Executive

Last updated: October 10, 2016

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